“The Masked Singer” unmasked the colorful bear costume during an elimination, revealing a rapping Sarah Palin underneath the mask.


Spoiler alert! This story contains details from the May 13 episode of “The Masked Singer,” including the identity of the eliminated celebrity.

The finalists for Season 3 of “The Masked Singer” have been revealed.

Wednesday, four challengers – Turtle, Rhino, Frog and the last of the ladies, Night Angel – fought their hardest during the semifinals for a chance to make it to the top 3. 

The performances wowed panelists Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke, who were joined by Jay Pharoah. Thanks to the former “Saturday Night Live” cast member’s extraordinary impressions, there were also brief “appearances” by Will Smith and Jay-Z.

The four contestants still standing kicked off the show with a collaborative performance of “The Best,” popularized by Tina Turner, during which bonus clues were revealed. 

Night Angel: Football 

Rhino: Globes

Frog: Hat 

Turtle: Photo Album 

How the rest of the night played out:

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Night Angel

Clues: This contestant revealed her costume represented loss.

“See, I’m the Night Angel because years ago, someone close to me passed, and it ripped my world apart,” she said. “Ever since that day I felt like I had my own guardian angel, an invisible hand that’s helped guide me towards my successes.”

Physical clues were seemingly light in this package. A soccer ball and football were shown next to that gilded “Masked Singer” trophy.

Night Angel said her performance would be a risk as she was “putting my own twist on a song far outside my comfort zone.” She borrowed a track from Lil Wayne, the first challenger to be eliminated from this season of the singing competition. She dedicated her rendition of “How To Love” to Robot, the rapper’s former persona. 

Following her performance, Night Angel gave the panel a closer look at her costume, which revealed she was wearing a crescent moon pin. 

Guesses: Pharoah, getting “strong En Vogue vibes,” threw out Dawn Robinson, and Jeong’s guess of singer Ciara was quickly shut down by host Nick Cannon and Scherzinger. McCarthy once again put her money on artist/star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Kandi Burruss.


Clues: Turtle explained that the competition allowed him to break out of his shell, so to speak. “As an artist, I was so pigeon-holed,” he said. “I never felt confident about stepping outside my wheelhouse, but one panelist has changed that all.”

Turtle revealed that special panelist to be Thicke, whom the challenger described as a “childhood idol.”

Turtle said Thicke’s “praise week after week has meant the world to me.” 

As for visual clues, a street sign that read “Back” had McCarthy thinking of the Backstreet Boys, and apparently other members of the panel, too, as their guesses revealed. 

After impressing with Nick Jonas’ “Jealous,” Turtle slid a ring onto his left hand as he walked toward the panel.

Guesses: Jeong suspected BSB member Kevin Richardson, while Scherzinger thought of his band mate Nick Carter. Thicke envisioned “American Idol” Season 1 runner-up Justin Guarini.

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Clues: Rhino referenced the “many failures” he experienced early in his career. “There was no way I could’ve ever imagined hitting pay dirt like this,” he said. For the challenger, his time on “The Masked Singer” has provided a full-circle moment.

“It’s cathartic because there was a point I literally wore a mask to hide from others, to hide my shame,” he said in the package, which also showed him doing yoga and playing with a model airplane. 

Rhino blew the panel away with Tim McGraw’s “Humble and Kind.” McCarthy praised it as “beautiful,” and the performance moved Scherzinger to tears.

A closer look at Rhino revealed he had a baby rhino pin on his lapel.

Guesses: Jeong cast his vote for musician and former baseball player Barry Zito, while Scherzinger showed conviction in her previous guess of country artist Jason Aldean. Pharoah, breaking out his Jay-Z impression, brought singer and “Voice” coach Blake Shelton into the mix.

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Clues: Frog said his time on “The Masked Singer” has aided in “redefining who I am in the world.” The contestant has even surprised himself. “I can be smooth, I can be silly,” he said of the new discoveries. “I can sing and dance all at once.”

During the package, Frog played basketball and foam hair rollers were shown. 

Onstage, he dazzled with the very appropriate “Hip Hop Hooray” from Naughty by Nature, getting hands in the air.

When the panel got a closer look at the contestant, they noticed a pin he donned, which said “mom.”

Guesses: McCarthy thought of Chance the Rapper, while Pharoah and Thicke agreed on rapper Bow Wow. Jeong went with Lil’ Fizz of B2K.

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The elimination

It’s adios for Rhinoceros. The Rhino’s journey has come to an end, just before next week’s finals. But before Rhino’s identity was revealed, the panel issued their last guesses. Thicke suspected “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” singer Trace Adkins was beneath the costume. Jeong and McCarthy were in sync with their guess of Zito. Scherzinger and Pharoah kept the faith in their guesses from earlier in the show, Aldean and Shelton, respectively. 

It turns out, Rhino is Zito, which set Jeong to celebrating.

The former MLB star said he appreciates how the show has helped him to grow. 

“I just had such a great time, and this show has stretched me in so many ways,” Zito said.

Scherzinger, who was so moved by his earlier performance, thanked him “for being so open and so courageous.”

McCarthy complimented Rhino’s vulnerability. 

“You opened your heart,” she said. “I felt it, we all felt it and we feel so lucky to have you on the show.”

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