Here’s one way to repay a life-long allegiance to a favorite sports club.

According to the Eastern Daily Press, Norwich City soccer fan Barrie Greaves, who died Dec. 28 at 83, left £100 (approximately $130) in his will to the franchise in England’s Premier League for a round of drinks for the club’s players.

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According to the paper, Greaves was born in Norwich in 1936 and became a fan of the Canaries when he was 10, through the allegiance of his grandfather. He was a longtime season-ticket holder until 2018, when he stopped attending matches because of kidney issues. Greaves continued to listen to games on the radio, the Press reported.

“He always told me that he would give £100 to the players in his will,” Greaves’ youngest daughter, Dr. Sarah Greaves, told the Press. “He wanted to give it to them to thank them for their entertainment through the good times and the bad.

“It makes me smile and chuckle when I think about it. He wanted to make a gesture that was amusing. He liked winding me up about football as much as I liked winding him up about it.”

With a 3-5-13 record, Norwich City is currently in danger of relegation and is in last place in the Premier League with just 14 points, five back of the 19th-placed-team, Watford.